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What's on Our Resources Tab?

Have you checked out our Resources tab on our website? If you have, you know that’s it’s filled with helpful links and file downloads for all STEM career stages.

We have a few downloads available, such as an Academic Course Schedule Template for incoming students, a Job Application Tracker that can be used to manage internships or full-time role searches, and a Work Task Tracker Template that allows work assignments and accomplishments to be inputted per project or status.


Academic Course Schedule Template:


Job Application Tracker Template:


Work Task Track Template:


Our Active STEM Job Posting Trackers consist of compiled information from the latest postings that are currently hiring. These trackers are updated frequently with new postings. If you’re looking for roles related to a specific major or industry, the tracker can be filtered to show relevant field. We have one tracker dedicated to student opportunities and another dedicated to entry-level positions.


Active STEM Job Postings - Internships/Co-Ops:


Active STEM Job Postings - Entry Level:


Stay tuned for more articles about all things STEM from the job search to handling challenges in the professional world - be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay up to date!


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